Palazzo Vecchio and the church of Santa Croce

Tour description

The square and the grandiose church of the Franciscan friars, nowadays specially known for the frescoes by Giotto and the original tombs of the illustrious Florentines, including Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Machiavelli, Rossini. Later, the walk proceeds to the core of medieval Florence, through Dante’s quarter, the Duomo -centre for the religious power- and Piazza Signoria -centre for the political power and a veritable open-air museum of sculpure. The Palazzo Vecchio, that has maintened its medieval appearance and still fulfils its original role as Florence’s town hall, is also a museum for the Renaissance frescoes done when it’s interior was remodelled for Duke Cosimo I from the Medici Family.


3 hours – Everyday, Sundays only pm


Accessible to persons with disabilities






A short break for a gelato or cappuccino is included