Michelangelo and his sculptures in Florence

Tour description

Walk to discover the places related to Michelangelo, including the Medici Chapels, the Bargello and Santa Croce.

Through this itinerary we retrace the steps of the life and career of the great genius of the Renaissance. The tour starts from the square and the church of San Lorenzo with its cloister, where Michelangelo left many traces of his artistic creation, and it continues to the Medici Chapels, the complex to which the architect dedicated several years of his life and where still today it’s possible to marvel at some of his splendid sculptures, including the Night and the Day. Then, it proceeds to the Bargello Museum to see the Bacchus and the Brutus and it ends up at the church of Santa Croce that houses the original monumental tomb of the artist.


3 hours – Days and times on request


Accessible to persons with disabilities






A short break for a gelato or cappuccino is included