About Us

TASTE TUSCAN LIFE is the expression of a passion cultivated through years of study, work, and life!

My greatest passion? Florentine art and the beauty of the Tuscan landscape.

And then, good food, great wines, traditional local craftsmanship, and Italian-made products.

My mission? Sharing these pleasures with tourists who visit Tuscany. Making travellers, just as passionate as me, appreciate them even more by focusing on less known places – sometimes open specifically for us – top quality products, created respecting the environment and biodiversity, and production facilities that focus on environmental sustainability.

Florence is the city I chose. I moved here more than 25 years ago to study art and experience the culture of this wonderful land – cradle of the Italian Renaissance and still ever so rich in events – and I ended up staying here forever. I graduated here, and I completed 3 Masters degrees in History of Art and Museums and the organisation of exhibitions and cultural events. I have participated in the creation of art exhibitions in Florence, San Gimignano, and Sarajevo, and I have been working for the Educational department of the Uffizi Gallery and the Florentine State Museums for 20 years. I have also done an internship at the Educational Department of the New York Metropolitan Museum to delve deeper into this aspect of my profession.

My natural communication skills and the pleasure of dealing with people have led me to transform my knowledge and passion into a profession. That’s how I became an authorised guide for Florence and its Province.

I have held courses at the University of Florence, and I teach Art History in American schools and Universities based in Florence.

My native language is Italian and I’m also fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

Now I live in a small town on the hills of the Florentine countryside dotted with medieval towers and churches, Renaissance villas, parks and gardens along the Arno riverside.

With all this beauty around you, a holiday in Tuscany is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

TASTE TUSCAN LIFE every day accompanies small groups of travellers through itineraries in Florence or across the territory to discover hidden gems and traditional activities. This wonderful region will have no secrets through our tours and tastings. Museums and monuments, art galleries and ancient churches, the lives of great artists and their noble patrons, Florentine history, artistic techniques of handicraft workshops, typical restaurants and dishes, local produce, everything will be in your hands.

Discover Florence and Tuscany with me and the TASTE TUSCAN LIFE team. We have plenty of themed itineraries for you, but we are ready to listen to your requests and create some tailored to your needs and wishes.

Are you ready? WELCOME TO TUSCANY!

Cristina Bonavia – TASTE TUSCAN LIFE